Permisson to Play
How to Give Yourself Permission to Play

I couldn’t always let myself play...when I was a kid I did it effortlessly, then as I grew up I lost that skill...boy did I miss it!
So, I decided to reclaim my sense of play. What does play mean for me as an adult?  
Play means not worrying if it’s perfect or right or even if it’s good. Play is about the fun, the process, the moment.

That is how this free workshop, Permission to Play came about.

In Permission to Play, I share 3 of the ways I reclaimed my sense of play.  You’ll see those 3 in action while we make an art journal out of cardboard. Along the way I share some of my favorite mixed media techniques too.

This is a 5 lesson workshop with each new video lesson coming out every 3 days.  I like you to have things so you can watch them as your schedule allows so all the videos are all downloadable. You’ll also have access to the classroom forever so any time  you want a refresher you can log in and watch it again.   

What supplies do I need? I strongly encourage you to use what you have even if it isn’t exactly what I use. The basics are a cardboard box that we’ll cut into the pages of our journal, a piece of ribbon you don’t like, paint, spray ink, rubber stamps, and stencils. If you don’t have these supplies just substitute with what you do have. Give yourself permission to play in this free mixed media workshop!